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Hello everyone. im new to the forums. A few years back when my dad passed (i was 17), i was left with his 100+acres in rural Tennessee, as well as the majority of his old cars and trucks. Of the bunch, Ive sold most [MKIII Jetta, 92 s10, flatbed, mkI rabbit, etc.] I ended up finding his old to-do list and on the top of said to do list was fix of the old Jetta for me.

But enough with the heartbreaking backstory, on to the issues.
1. The thing has been sitting since before he passed. (around 7-10 years)
2. It only goes in reverse.
3. The interior is falling apart.
4. The exterior looks like 30 year old ketchup.

So ive been looking through the threads and ive found solutions for problems 1,3, and 4, none of which matter if i cant figure out whats going on with #2.


Specs: 85 1.8 base model gas
anything else i wont be able to tell you until i either get my old lady or sister to go look at it for me as im currently active duty.
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