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Hey Everyone

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Thought it was time to introduce myself to the site. I bought my 2005 Jetta GLI 1.8T 3 weeks ago, and i'm completely in love. It still only has 15,000 miles on the clock, and i ran a standard quarter mile in 16 seconds flat (yeah slow but it was my first go!!)

I just put in my first order of upgrades: K&N CAI, Forge 007 DV, and Autotech Cat Back Exhaust System.

Anyone that has the same model as me just let me know so we can compare notes ;D
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Lovin the Jetta buddy welcome to the site in the UK we never had the GLI model made available and if you ask me its a areal shame as its got an awesome spec the best we got was called a Highline yes lovely and all but just not sporty. Hope you enjoy your new wip buddy
Sorry for the late reply buddy yeah we did but they are very few and far between unfortunately :(
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