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Hey Guys New To The Forum

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Hey Guys I Thought Id Introduce Myself . The Names Chris ...... I Dont Own A Jetta (Ive Got A MkV GTI) But Ive Been Cruzin Around This Forum For A While ... Im A Regular Over On Same User Name . Just Thought Id Finally Register And Hang Out ... Hope U Guys Done Hate On Me Too Much For Not Gettin A Jetta .... Also Lookin For People In The Prince George / Hopewell / Petersburg, Virginia Area To Chill With
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Naw Man Havent Run It On The Strip Yet ...I Was At Waterfest And Was Very Tempted To Run It But On The Stock DV I Didnt Think It Wood Be A Good Idea To Run LOL .... I Did Get It Dyno'd There But I Wanna Redo It Sometime Soon ... I Just Added The BSH Bulletproof DV To The GTI And Hopefully When I Dyno It This Time Its Not 104 Effin Degrees (Temp It Was At Waterfest On That Hot Asphalt All Day)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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