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Just got a Gray (don't remember what VW calls this color) 08 Wolfsburg :)

Moving up from an Oldsmobile Aurora 4L V8 putting out 250 HP and 260 lb·ft (353 N·m) torque @ 4400 rpm
Oh!, and it gave 27-30 mpg highway, but 14 in the city

I say "moving up" cuz the Jetta is about 800 lbs lighter and hence snappier. It also handles much better

Still have the Aurora though :)

I did notice thought that when in Drive and holding the brake at the lights, the car has slight vibrations that disappear instantly when I let of the brake and let it roll slightly
2 questions

1) Is this normal?
2) I thought the DSG stayed in neutral until you let off the brake, and then it engaged the clutch?

I'll be around these forums a lot, so see everyone around!

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I think you almost have the same car as me. I think there were two tones of silver, one of which was darker and they called platinum [my wife picked the color anyway]. I haven't noticed a vibration like that.
I think DSG has to be in neutral or both clutches disengaged with the brake in, unless there is something I don't understand yet.
I did read something about launch control, and I asked about that. They said it was available in the GTI, but made it sound like it was optional in the jetta. My win sticker didn't have it listed, so I am not so sure about that one. Seems to make sense to have it in a DSG. The owners manual almost read like it is included with direct gearbox.
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