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Hey people, I just got a used '99 Jetta Wolfsburg and was lookin for places to get tips on upgrading or whatever. Well, I stumbled upon this joint. Hope to get to know some people. Might as well start with a bit about myself.

My name is George and this Jetta is the first I got. In fact its actually my first car(that I own). I couldn't deal with my parents minivan anymore so I went out and bout this Jetta. I'm 19 and in college full-time and have written for my college's newspaper for over a year, creating an automotive section. In doing so, I have gotten to interview a few people who you may have heard of and a few you haven't. The one you haven't is Miles Rubin of Miles Automotive Group, an electric car company. The one you should know is Marco Werner the driver for the LeMans winning Team Audi.

That's pretty much again, hey!
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