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i want to install HID on my 05.5 jetta. i have the ballast, but dont have the lights-bulbs, i want the blueish look. some one told me the 10000k light bulbs. does anyone have any suggestions and/or websites. which ones too? i think the jetta looks H7s?
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If you want bluish light, 10000K is a bit too much. 6000k or 8000k is probably what you're looking for. 10000k is more purple than blue. If you want white light try 5000k has some good HIDs. i would either go with 6000k or 8000k
i have halo projectors in my 2000 jetta 2.0 and i want to put HID lights in them can someone tell me if i can do them myself (and if so which style to buy) i already know i want 6000k or do i have to take my car to the dealer. any help will be usefull
I want HID's do you have to install the ballast? Or can you just buy the entire kit, a Plug-n-Play system? The most amount of work I want too do to my car "myself" is with a screwdriver.
Its really not that hard. has a plug and play kit its really easy. I just put a set in my friends charger took about 30 min. they give you detailed instructions with pictures.
thanks, are these kits from the website universal? Also these kits are the ballast? I still have to buy the lights from like ebay or some thing?
Please don't install HID's without projectors.
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