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High RPMS on some start ups..

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I have a 99.5 Jetta 2.0 and sometimes on occasion when i start her up the rpms go up to about 2-2.5k and then slowly get down to 1200 and stays there... anyone know what is the normal idling rpms for the 2.0 engine... and anyone know what could be wrong...
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ok it did it to me the other day on a nice 85 degree day after i had drove the car for a decent portion of time... another thing... when shes warming up shell get to normal op temp of 190 and then gage will go back all the way down... and will not go back to 190 unless i start tacking out some rpms...
yes this i know... my ford probe gt went through thermostats like crazy... lol... figure maybe the thermostat gets stuck open... bc sometimes it wont even go up... and sometime it does and quickly goes back down... yes the thermostat opens shmitty but it should close soon thereafter to prevent to cooling or normal system operating temperature will not be reached therefor system effeciency will suffer...
technically its a mazda but yea i get ur point
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