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how much can it get

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Is there alot of big power modifications out there for these. im bout to get a 2000 with only 60k miles on it and its a five speed ?
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you can do anything to any engine, just gotta find the parts
turbo seems to be the big one these days
go for an intake
any suggestions on what brand and where to get it??

not quite sure how your bay is set up, but for mine all i needed was a filter and 3" adapter.
your kind of right on your ideas on the intake and exhaust.

from what i've seen/done/heard. the stock exhaust on these cars are not very restrictive. In which case, adding a CAI or even replacing the stock box like I did to make a SRI will add a small boost to power. of course were not talking about a huge gain like u would get from a turbo. but then in this situation were not talking about spending 4k on a turbo set-up.

Starting small for MOST cars involves going to a CAI first. If you have a car that has a restrictive exhaust, for example the 1gn SOHC Neon, the first move would be exhaust work vs cai.

It's all dependant on the car.
just fillin ya in ;-)
honestly i can't picture injectors making much of a difference. mayb if the ones you have are dirty/clogged. but imo injectors arent needed untill you move into the forced induction area
Injectors would be completely pointless unless u have the ignition system to back them up and u also need a fuel pressure regulator
^ That backs up my moving into forced induction theory :)
1 - 9 of 30 Posts
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