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how much can it get

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Is there alot of big power modifications out there for these. im bout to get a 2000 with only 60k miles on it and its a five speed ?
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on the intake idea ur paying for the name stamped on it ive built alot of cars mainly Mitsubishi but all that really matters is the filter. The project im on now is my first Volkswagen and im still learning myself but from personal experience i would waste my money on an intake unless u plan on doing an exhaust system.. all motors work mostly the same (with the exception of the rotary types)
but to build power u need to get as much air into that engine as possible but at the same time u have to get it all out or u build up to much back pressure so dont just go out on a whim and buy an intake .. thats what everybody does just run out and buy intakes cause u here so much bout them look into exhaust systems first thats just me. i have a 2005 gli stock pretty much. but im lookin at getting it chipped within the next 2 weeks after that it will NEED an intake and an Exhaust system but by all means start small and work ur way up if ur not real familar with these types of tuners do some research and see whats out there for it before u by one.... but to answer ur first question, from what i can see fom the way these cars are built and perfom the amount of power u can get and the things that can be done to them is only limited by how much ur willing to spend....
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excactly... like i said im new to this type of car and im not trying to down neone im still trying to learn and im open to suggestions
Injectors would be completely pointless unless u have the ignition system to back them up and u also need a fuel pressure regulator but to add that to a stock car would be pretty much completely pointless in theory.
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