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how much can it get

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Is there alot of big power modifications out there for these. im bout to get a 2000 with only 60k miles on it and its a five speed ?
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i think the 1.8 im not too sure tho i havent gone to look at it just yet. but what motors does vw offer with the diesel
It is a diesel. five speed also if i didnt mention that before
well i went and saw it yesterday and its a 1.9l . is ther anything you can really do to these performance wise??
well i know that just wanted to hear about some ideas.
yea defintly not right now its gonna be my gf's. and she does not need that much powerat all.but i want something to play with cause i drive a f100 lifted so yea
any suggestions on what brand and where to get it??
any sites that are good for performance for these tdi's??
1 - 8 of 30 Posts
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