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2003 VW Jetta Gli (24v)
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Hola peeps

im Justin.New here. Intermediate/advanced knowledge and skill set. Recently moved to Florida from Pennsylvania. It’s hot here. Car scene is pretty dope so far.
Cars got 106k mi 6 spd. New head gasket timing chains lower suspension and strut mounts new gear oil new water pump new battery. And I’m sure stuff I’m forgetting. stage 2 clutch AEM CAI most parts oem cuz all I could afford.
anyways time for question(s)

1) cooling. So I’ve got a leak and it’s prolly my crack pipe. Or all of the lines haha they are 20 years old. All the lines need replaced. I started doing some but rather than buy premolded ridiculously expensive hoses. What are some alternatives that you use at a fair price? Is there a way to mold them by hand?Is silicone better For cooling? Can I go to advance and just buy several feet of various lines and replace them all?

2) any 24v advice would be helpful. I’ve had it a year now but learning stuff daily.

3) I need to replace both axles. I have the passenger side still need to get driver side. I also have no motor mounts to put on and a bunch of new bushings in various places. But anyways. Axles. Is failure of the axle catastrophic? What are the potential risks associated with daily driving bad axles? They click not at every turn. But frequently on sharp turns.

4. octane boosters and fuel additiveS? Use em? What’s in them? Do they work?Whats my best options for fuel? My most cost effective?

suspension recommendations for a daily driver. Not too low. Not too stiff but I def want her glued to the road.

anybody got stuff for sale or that they’re giving away? I need so much help. Not giving up tho I came too far.

I don’t expect u to answer all of or any questions at all.U can say everything or jus say hi or nothing at all.

stay beautiful and have a positive and productive day!

i don’t have a lot of time so response may take a bit. Sorry in advance and thank you in advance
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