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Hello guys/gals,

You are probably wondering so I'll jump straight into it. There's a small car lot/Bike shop down the road from me. The owner passed away a few years ago and it just went down hill from robberies and other bullsh*t. I have tried for months to get the wheels off of this Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V by purchasing them unlike the person who took the wheels off my new GARAGE KEPT 2000 Jetta VR6, with a brand new engine. (The old 1.8L is sitting outside the car).

How I got the car: So basically the taxes stacked up and she has to clean out the place, I'm talking TONS of car parts, from random brand new headlights to superchargers and motorcycle parts. She wants me to sell the majority on Ebay and get a cut, then she said she would sell me the VR6. I told her I couldn't afford it. She offered to give it to me plus commission on all the sales so I can afford parts.

Good News: Free car
Bad News: It needs brand new wheel assemblies, brakes, wheels. The idiot who stole the wheels took the studs out of the rusted hubs. -.-

The car: 2000 Jetta VR6 swapped, blue, with tan leather, sunroof. LOW LOW LOW Miles on the car and the engine. I'm talking under 80k.

The plans: BOLT ONS!
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