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if you have 5k

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hi jetta fans,

if you had 5k to spend on your mk5 where you put it?
other than tires and wheel. I am talking about handling and power for a daily use.

summer is here!:cool: Simon, in Montreal
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suspension, and the rest all on motor..that is unless you have some exterior work you wanted to to also..
my actual muffler on my mk5 turbo is in good shape. if I put an intake, intercooler and chip I guess it's a no brainer to go for 3'' apr exhaust but if I wait a bit is there any consequence? and is that exhaust is street legal?

tanks for the advice ,Simon
that's right too but I wait next summer for the body kit , see I only be home for 1 1/2 month this summer know any brand for body kit other than caractere or rieger?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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