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Im Going To Blow My Car Up......

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Alright...... the starter is fixed....... but yet another ****in problem occurred...... It starts on a booster pack because the battery is almost dead....... runs fine, as soon as the positive cable is taken off it spits and sputters to a stall unless you keep it reved up????? If no one can help me out i have a 1992 VW Jetta GLI 2.0L 8v for sale....... or else ima blow it up.....
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You're never supposed to disconnect your battery cable when the car is runnig. If your alternator wasn't bad before you disconnected the positive terminal to here it sputter, It surely was bad after. Unless you like buying alternators stop pulling the cable off when it's runnig!!!!
I think he meant the battery jump box he was starting it with. With a fried alternator, the battery was probably all the way dead, and when he disconnected the box, the car would die. Incidentally, the new (?) battery may be fried now too, if it was allowed to completely discharge. Take it somewhere to be tested...
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