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in it a little too deep...

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sooo im a wanna be car mechanic, to say the best... but i have a lot of common sense we'll say lol. troubleshooting is easy.

but, my girlfriends 98 mkIII is seriously about to eat sh*^. the pcv valve ive learned probably needs to be replaced, head gasket-probably blown (oil is everywhere on the right side and front of the motor). i put my 17" black enkeis on it, andd now the whole front and back end is cambered out. i jacked the car up.. the struts wiggle around in the casing... wow. not too happy to see that. she needs new struts. the catalytic converter is dripping water at times, theres a vibration in the back of the engine, like a 2stroke motorcycle sound. oil leaking from the oil filter screw in deal... i also flushed the coolant out and put in what i thought was good but i only put coolant in, no water when it needed water too, whoops. and the thermostat light flashes, the motor gets hot, i just changed the oil less than a month ago. pretty decent carbon build up in my intake, cleaned that out. replaced the engine breather hose to the pcv valve thingy, and i need a new clutch... spendy??
idk.. i need a place to start.
im thinking
compression test,
engine diagnostic test- do they have one at o'reillys they can use? $$?
drain the oil, check main seal,
probably pull the head.. fml. idk where to start with that.
got new spark plugs,
need to check the thermostat, look into that-
run seafoam through it,
GAS IS $4.15 HERE...

-_- many sleepless days over trying to keep the only car we have running not kill us when we leave for work... shes 7 months pregnant with our baby girl, lol... =] but any input would be nice.
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For the OBDII read is what I'm going to guess it is, O'Reillys offers them free in my state all you do is hand over your ID / DL & they allow you to use it.
They are not the best but they will show most codes and allow you to clear them.
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