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Interested in a Jetta

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Hey im new to the forum and actually new to vw. As of right now i own a 96 eagle talon and i am looking for something different. One of my friends has a jetta and i fell in love the first time i saw it.

I still havent drove one yet but my friend says that are really fun. I have been looking around and if i buy one i think it would be a MkIII, but im not sure what engine i would want.


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try just put in the make model and how much you're willing to spend on the car..then put in your zip code and it'll search around your area for a jetta..i find it really helpful..some of the cars listed even give you free carfax reports..that's how i got my jetta
quick vr6 gets 200hp stock =)
how much do you think that would run Dmez?
your sig says your car is bone stock..are you planning on doing anything to it?
i've been in the same situation..i can't afford anything but for some reason i keep buying things..i don't know if i want to do performance onto my car first or looks to it..i just ordered my halo projector headlights for it..but i'm still figuring out what to do first
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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