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Interested in a Jetta

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Hey im new to the forum and actually new to vw. As of right now i own a 96 eagle talon and i am looking for something different. One of my friends has a jetta and i fell in love the first time i saw it.

I still havent drove one yet but my friend says that are really fun. I have been looking around and if i buy one i think it would be a MkIII, but im not sure what engine i would want.


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Good choice with the MkIII jetta!!! I've got a VR6 MkIII and i highly recommend one! The only downside i have experinced is that they can be confusing to work on because German's are weird LOL ... AND they get horrible gas mileage! At first i was getting an average of 17mpg in the city and 25 freeway, but i changed my oil to Royal Purple and now i get 19mpg in city and 29 freeway
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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