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Interested in a Jetta

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Hey im new to the forum and actually new to vw. As of right now i own a 96 eagle talon and i am looking for something different. One of my friends has a jetta and i fell in love the first time i saw it.

I still havent drove one yet but my friend says that are really fun. I have been looking around and if i buy one i think it would be a MkIII, but im not sure what engine i would want.


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how much horse would you be pulling if you supered and turboed it. and what would that sound like?! lol
that depends on how well you know your stuff and how well you tune it.

as for sounds, it can all change with the exhaust
It would be one mean ride...... But if you just Pulley it with a supercharger your numbers will be very well..... Pulleys are also cheaper than turbo..... The pulleys will pick up the lack of power to run the supercharger and there would be full boost for the charger...
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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