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Hi, I'm dbcjetta and I have a Silver 2011 2.5L Comfortline Jetta I bought new in South Western Ontario for $26,000, all included. I have close to 82,000K on the car and my wife does a lot of the driving, which is fairly equally divided between city and highway. The Bridgestone Tires are almost ready to be replaced, one is likely done now as it has a bulge, a repaired puncture in between one of the treads and a small bulge in the sidewall near the start of the tread. I have 4 Infinity INF 049 winter tires with steel rims which have just gone on for their 2nd winter's wear, the 1st winter with the car I did not use winter tires and felt the traction was adequate, but the winter tires make a marked improvement in winter road handling.

It has aluminum alloy rims and rear drum brakes. It has the basic radio/CD system, which we find more than adequate. The seats are black fabric.

I put a VW OEM boot liner for the trunk, because we have a lot of dirty stuff we put back there almost daily with a horse we own. It works great, got it for a great price on eBay. Otherwise, except for some generic winter floor mats, the car is original equipment. Oh, I also put 2 new Phillips premium (15% brighter) halogen low beam bulbs in at the end of the summer when one of the originals blew. I still have a running light bulb to replace, but have had a heck of a time trying to get at it (advice is gratefully received, please).

We love the car, it has been problem free. With the 2.5L engine and the feel of the drive when we 1st got it, we had to choose to share who got to drive it, because it was so fun to drive!

Glad to be here! Enjoy the drive, safely!

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