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iPod Integration

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Hey guys,
I just picked up a 2006 Jetta, and it has the single disc stereo. I want to add an iPod to it, but from what it looks like the VW kit is pretty crap. I want to have full access to all the music on my iPod, so I guess that means retaining the iPod's controls. And definitely no FM transmitters. Does any one have any experience with them? I've been looking around on the net but I'd love to have the opinion of someone who's used one of them.

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I also am interested i buying the IPOD factory adapter for my 06, but am hesitant whether its worth it. I like my factory unit (the way it looks and goes with everything) and it does have the 6 cd changer which isnt bad.

Does anyone know how hard it is to hook it up? I know the hookup is behind the unit, but as far as getting the unit out is the problem. Any help I would appreciate!!
You should look into the Peripheral Electronics.
They recently came out with a "Universal iPod adapter with HD Radio and auxiliary audio capabilities" for Volkswagen. My sister has the same thing in her Ford Focus and Peripheral didn't use to have an iPod solution for Volkswagen. So, when I found out they did I made sure to get one right away. I love it. Seems like it has everything you are looking for. You can "browse your music, by Artist, Album, Genre, and Playlist from the radio controls" plus it keeps your iPod charged. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.
That peripheral looks really good. I may think about trying that, thanks!
Does anyone know how to remove an 06 radio? It doesnt have any slots for keys so I have to remove the panel around it but dont wanna break anything... Any ideas?
UPDATE: I removed it nicely... there is a youtube video...
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