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Dear all

Greetings from Estonia.
In may 2015 i called to my uncle sun to get and later restore over 15 year
sitting car from her. He agreed immediately and transportated new "son" over 200km
to my hometown, capital of Estonia, Tallinn.
Ca 7-8 years ago i restored during 5 years 1981 Ford Granada MKII German version.
So , Jetta is my 2nd project.
First i tried to "reanimate" the engine.After few cranking, filling gasoline to carburator
motor started.I was glad !
I started to disassemble the body panels, cut all rust out.
Now is car in condition to start all welding jobs.
Need new rear brake hoses.

Technical datas:
VW Jetta MK1 1980, 51kW, gasoline, 4 manual speed

Few pictures here:
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