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My 2008 Jetta MKV fuel pump continuously runs and will drain the battery. The car runs perfectly except when I shut the car off, remove keys, you hear the pump run until the battery dies. Here are the tests I have performed and still can't figure out my problem.

Car runs perfect not sluggish at all
Removed rear seat to verify it is the pump that is running. Disconnected the pump module and it shuts off
Pull 15 amp blue fuse on side of dash I believe F27 and pump shuts off. Put fuse back in.
Below steering column pulled all 3 of relay 449 and pump continues to run. Checked voltages on one side of relay socket and I do have 12 Volts which is correct. Check other side of relay socket and 0 Volts which tells me its not a relay socket wire problem. Tested the relays and they are all working.
For the heck of it, I pulled all relays under the dash and under the hood and pump still runs.
Only the fuse will stop the pump from running. Its almost like its trying to prime all the time without getting to pressure. But like I said the car runs perfect when running so I don't think its a pressure problem or the car would be sluggish.

I there anywhere else the fuel pump module gets voltage/power from? Appreciate any help.
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