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Jetta Cyl. Head-Help how to ID current head if with or w/out smog & Your Opinions

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Long story short, I've pulled the head on the Jetta. How do I identify if this head is a head 'with smog', or a head 'without smog'? :confused:
That's where I need help and where I REALLY need other Jetta Junkies thoughts, advice, HELP, and opinions, on one specific key element....
I am trying to purchase a rebuilt head this morning and in my casting group, there are two options, and I must select one. I need to order the head either "With SMOG", or order it "No SMOG".
(To smog..... or not to smog.. That IS, the question)
I don't live in a smog-strict state, so I just haven't had to deal much with anything outside of a failed cat or O2 sensor thus don't know as much as I'd like to know on the subject, so I really do need some advice and help...

From what I can find in forums, it referring to "Smog Holes'. ? (is that correct?)

My problem is, I am not really certain where or what to look for on my current head to identify whether or not I currently have a head that s a smog head, or is a no smog head...

Besides needing to be able to identify on the form what I currently have, I want to know more about it...
My curiosity is up because while there are tens of thousands of posts talking about Smog inspections, I can't find much specifically on Jetta Cylinder Smog options, identifying heads with or without smog, and options as far as if a no smog head can replace a yes smog head, or vise-versa, then if it can, what are pros/cons or ramifications of switching..

While my Jetta doesn't have to undergo a specific Smog test for inspection each year, from what I can tell, if I lived in a smog-strict state; I would know more about smog than I ever cared to know.. For you all who do have to go through smog-heqq each year.. I apologize I am asking a question about beating a dead horse...

First question so I can get the ball rolling on getting an order placed, I want to be able to identify what I currently have installed in my Jetta.

How do I tell if my current head is with or without smog?
What am I looking for as far as identifying whether or not a head is yes smog vs the head being no smog?

The other question I have.. Say I know what to look for, and my current head is Smog. What happens if I order the Head without Smog to save a few bucks? Can a Jetta owner purchase a head without smog to replace a head that did have smog? If so would that add the need to bypass the AIR?

What are the arguments or logic for going with or without smog,depending on which way your opinion leans, and what if any ramifications or required mods are needed for switching one head smog type, with another assuming you don't have a Smog specific inspection to pass?

Finally, say I was able to go with and decided to install a no-smog head but one day found out I needed a smog head instead. Is that something that can be added after the fact by a machinist, a conversion, or is that require a new head?

I'm really interested in others thoughts, opinions and advice on the reasons to go one way or the other. I want to save a few bucks and for all I know maybe its a moot point or maybe I have a no-smog head already, but I just don't know what I am looking for...

I do not live in a 'smog strict state' and only have to pass basic emissions each year. I can have one (1) check-engine-light emissions fault and still pass as long as it's not a failed (dead)catty or o2 sensor.

My Jetta is a mk4, 2005 with a 2.0 L4 / BEV - Thanks in advance!!
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