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Hi all,

Just ran across this site and thought it was pretty cool. First bought a Jetta in October 2001. Bought a 2002 Red VR6 manual. I knew two years before I bought it was going to be my next car. Drove it over 6 years before the differential exploded on it while driving on the freeway. :( Even though the car seriously tried to kill me, I'm now exchanging it for a 2008 Red Jetta GLI. I absolutely love these cars! When this happened I thought there was no way I would consider a VW again. So I test drove the Acura TSX thinking that was my next car. The engine was so high and whiny with no power. Husband suggested I should just look at the Jettas. Fell in love with the power of a manual Jetta GLI. I got a total high driving it. I'm just getting the extended warranty this time. ;)
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