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jetta mk IV - subwoofer

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hey is there anyone with an mk IV style jetta (mine is 02) that has a nice sounding sub mounted in the trunk? i am trying to get out a very annoying vibration coming from the back and would like to know how other ppl got rid of it. thanks

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i have a 1999 Jetta and put in 2 12" subwoofers and had the same problem with the vibration. ive installed about 150 after-market stereos and subs and something all ways vibrates. what i did was took off the back sill and cut out foam and glued it to the back so that it would sit tight. put it back on and almost all of the vibration was gone. there are just a few trim pieces that rattle but that wont be a big deal. so if you can try that and see how it works.
ok thanks alot. im going to try that.
3rd light

also pay close att. to the 3rd light (brake light) because a lot of rattle comes from that as well so you might as well go ahead and make immobile as well. immobile to vibration that is because you might have to go back in and make a few tweaks and your gunna need to take the light off.
i am big in comps and just threw a 15 inch Juggernaut in my 02...these things rattle like crazy!!! it is going to be a pain to stop it all......i can tell a lot of it is coming from the cover between the back seat and rear way to fix it is to remove it and line it with 1/4 inch foam, and re-install it. Will stop most of it right there.....though mine bounces up and down at least an inch or 2 :D, along with the sunroof as that with a normal setup, and do a basic dynamat job on the trunk lid and your good to go
use what real companies use its called dynomat
I had two 12s in mine a little while ago and the biggest vibration came from my license plate :p easy fix. I had a little vibration from the liner in the back window which was also an easy fix. The other major place I had some rattles were in the door panels. Didn't bother doing anything about that cause It would have been too many headaches.
I know a guy the had a set of 12s in his trunk, and he had the same problems as 0silva1. The license plate was the most noticable in and outside the car. Put some rubber stoppers/washers between the plate and trunk and that should fix it. the back window cover thing above the third brake light vibrates like crazy so just get it fassened down, plus make sure you got some dynamat in the car, that should fix ya up pretty well.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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