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Jetta vs Mazda 3

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My wife and I are looking for a car that’s not too big, but at the same time can hold our bags and whatnot when traveling the road for our son's baseball games. We first seen the mazda 3 and it looked like a good fit. We recently just seen the Jetta and it really caught our attention. I'm curious to know what everyone thinks i should get! Here's a link to the exact Cars im choosing between.:
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I just picked up an '06 Value Edition Jetta yesterday and the Mazda3 was the other car I was looking at getting. I was pretty much all set on getting the Mazda until I drove it. The handling was tight but it didn't feel nearly as high quality as the Jetta does. Night and day difference as far as I'm concerned. There was also a ton of road noise on the Mazda, which probably had something to do with the tires, but...maybe not.
Wow, nice first reply huh. This thread was from last year! Well, I guess it helps for future reference.
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