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Jetta vs Mazda 3

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My wife and I are looking for a car that’s not too big, but at the same time can hold our bags and whatnot when traveling the road for our son's baseball games. We first seen the mazda 3 and it looked like a good fit. We recently just seen the Jetta and it really caught our attention. I'm curious to know what everyone thinks i should get! Here's a link to the exact Cars im choosing between.:
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anyone who buys a mazda 3 hatch is retarded. It may look aggressive but It has no power what so ever. If you did buy a mazda splurge your money and get a mazda speed 3, it has a lo0t more hp than the mazda 3 does and its a wagon so it looks cooler.[woo]
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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