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Jetta with 17"wheels, thinking of lowering it..

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I have 17" with 205/40/17 Nankangs Ultra Sport NS2 all round, I'm thinking of getting the FK Sport Edition Plus Mk3 Golf / Jetta Coilover Suspension Kit-Adjustable Shocks from ECS website or the EIBACH PRO SYSTEM KIT 8552.780 from anyways with that said, how low can I go without rubbing? The eibach system gives me a 1.4" drop and is cheaper, the FK coilovers give me a 2.1" to a 3.1" drop. There is only a 150$ price difference between the two, are the coilovers better? Will it rub with the coilovers at a 2.1"drop??
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17" + Lowered mk3 Jetta = Fail. I think PASS

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yea i got a 98 mk3 on 17's lowerd the backs lowerd 1 and a quarter inch and front is lowerd 1 and 3 quarter inchs and the inside part of the tire rubs the wheel wall when u make uturns or sharp turns just to let u know so if u here a rubing noise u know what it is

change your tires i put my new ones on no rub anymore
oooo, got em
lol thanks i got a kick out of it [teacher]
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