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You may already know this, but just incase you didn't......

I was in desperate need, in a "right now kind of way" of a part for my 91 MK2 Jetta Diesel. It has recently decided it is in desperate need of my attention and taking up my free time and money in the last few weeks..... even though I was daily driving it, it must have still been feeling ignored...... LOL

This paticular repair was to replace the passenger side (US) lower control arm, as the "hockey puck" bushing at the rear was non-existant. I did not know there is a little sleeve that goes inside the steel bushing in the hockey puck, and only found out after I DESTROYED the other one during dis-assembly. So I needed one "now"...... I started searching the net, and all the local parts houses, and could not find one. So in desperation, I actually called my local VW Dealer. When I told the parts guy what I needed and what car it was for he actually kinda laughed and said, I am having trouble getting parts for MK3's let alone MK2's.

All MK2 parts are obsolete form VW and the dealer can no longer get ANY factory service parts for the MK2's, and very limited on the MK3's.

He told me about a local parts house that specializes in IMPORTS ONLY!!!! I called them, and lo and behold, they could get them. I got them the next morning, but hey, I got them and got the car back together..... well that time...... now it wants a new passenger half shaft........ so guess what is on-tap for this weekend.......

Just wanted to let you know, just in case you were looking for something.... VW can't help you, other than maybe part numbers.... the parts guy was more that happy to give me the part number I needed......
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