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Just got an 08 Gli, Service checks reccomended???

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I dont have a drivers manuel and not that experienced with VW's. Ive always loved them but this is the first one ive owned. I was wondering what are some things i should have looked at my car just hit 45k miles. Any help will be much appreciated!!
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Welcome.....If it were mine I would switch out all fluids and change out the plugs.
Change them to another OEM plug right no funny after market stuff, and yeah i figured that is what people would say.
Is that it? Just plugs and fluids???
45k really isnt even a lot of miles. OEM vws use pretty good quality NGK spark plugs, coils last about 75k, timing belt and water pump are about 75k as well as tranny fluid. Oil change and filter is the only thing id HAVE to do. But, it really cant hurt to be safe and do some extras.
Monday I'll look up suggested things on all data

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If it's the dsg trans make sure you get that service done no later than 50-55k. I think VW states 45k. That's an important one.
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