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KeyFob battery replacement

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I'm looking for info on KeyFob battery replacement. I have the unit apart and old battery out, the dealership mentioned possible reprogramming. However they want me to bring the car in for a $60.00 lick off my icecream cone. Will it require reprogramming? Is this doable without dealer equipment? If so how?
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ya at least your dealership is only like 60 ours here is 115 you dont even want to know how I found that one out. Lets just say it involved a cold day, a locked car in the middle of a parking lot, a tow truck and a new key bill to the tune of 300 bucks last week!!!!!!

But I am not usre on a DIY programming for the key I would not think that changing the battery would make you have to do that either I know you said you got it apart but for everyone that does not know how to here is a picture by picture site for it.
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