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KO4 Worth it?

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I find this site very useful and the members are real friendly. I'm getting my 01 1.8tm Jetta soon and my buddy owns a performance shop so the first thing I wanna do when I get the car is bring it strait to him, and put money in it.

I've been online for hours just looking at performance upgrades, it's so exciting. I was just wondering, I have a good chunk of change, and I was wondering if it's worth the $1000 bucks to throw down on a KO4.. I want this thing to move quick, and wondering what kind of hp the kO4 will be putting out, and what else I would need to upgrade to allow for the new turbo..

Any help is greatly appreciated! I can't wait!


I'm looking around and found a GT28R and it seems to be a better turbo... Dual ball bearing which my buddy says is great, because of faster spools. And it seems to be a hundred bucks cheaper then the KO4 I was looking at.. Which is a better turbo?

Thanks again.
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