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Kris Dye Fabrications Shop Party

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10 Shop party....

Me AJ Steve and Timmy Before the drive.

At the shop...

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Batman and Kris on the wheeler in the bkgd



The Drive Home

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Whole group for the afternoon guys.

Timmy's S10


Timmy and AJ and steve
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yeah to any one who knew about it and didnt go, i feel bad..
also I got front shock mounts put on friday night at like 2am, and took the highway all the way there, and it rode better w/ shocks on the highway then it did w/o shocks doing 25 mpg... its like night and day. im pumped. from no shocks for like 6 months, to just rear ones for another 9 months. to having 4 shocks.. i love it.
no one wants to discuss?


here's some rolling shots on the way home taken by timmy..

some easy effects by me

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