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May seem odd, but I need to get this TDI another 1-2" off the ground! I am
tired of replacing front end plastics from small animal collisions! 3rd grille,
3rd set of fog lights. This time, the bumper cover did not break, I got an aftermarket
one for $74.00, and it held... Further caved in the condenser too, so one more hit
and I think that's toast. Had to replace the fan assembly last time too.

So, I need this car up a little farther off the ground...

I do not need "buy a truck" or SUV replied, this car was bought for its
MPG for my 460+ miles a day driving. Just wand this another few inches off
the ground to I clear the cats and other small animals...


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Yes. MK6...

I am so tired of these MONSTER cats they have up north... Same spot as
last time too, ran over another cat, in the middle of the road, in the pouring rain.

Last time was TWO of them, one chasing another, hit the passenger side, and
took out ALL my front plastics. However, I got a replacement bumper cover
for $74.00 man, awesome... The grille was more than half that, then the $17.00
fog covers, well, plus the fan assembly.. Still, under 250.00 for all of it, doing
it myself. I am no longer going to use fog lights, they get hit constantly...
So, will go back to the solid front covers...

But yeah, I need to be another 1 to 2" off the ground...

I suppose I could bag it, fill them up when driving, then put them
back down when parked... Will look into hydraulics or bags...

I just bought two new strut assemblies, front wheel bearings, and lower
ball joints. So, I probably should figure out the solution before I put
the new struts on..
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