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2001 Jetta 1.8t AWW Wolfsburg Edition
Hi everybody,
This is my first jetta, first non-American car, and second car overall. I am a diy'er looking for some help. I have tried to search around the forum over the last day in a half but the search function isn't the friendliest. My problems are:
1. tach doesn't match rmps of engine (read -100 at idle)
2. check engine light doesn't come on when key is turned to on before start but yet there are codes
3. oil pressure light come on when you dog it in 2 or 3 gear

I'm aware that 3 could mean clogged pick up, bad oil pressure sensor, or bad oil pump. I was wondering if any of those are more common on this car.
Also i pulled the cluster to see if there were any bulbs i could replace(jokes on me, all leds) and i noticed that all the stickers on the cluster were pealed off, one of the electric plug's lock handle was broken, all the clips on the piece covering the screws were broken, and it said vw golf on it. That all sounded fishy to me, making me question if the low millage of 72k is legit.

Links and advice would be awesome. I know i'm breaking all of the understood laws of foruming by just asking and not looking harder.
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