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Looking For A Jetta, Found Some, How many miles does your Jetta Have?

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Looking to buy a jetta, gonna be my first car.

Looking around the 97-99 years, under 150k but more if it seems well taken care of. Anywhere from 2-3 grand

Found a few, what are your opinions?
I can get that one for 2,200, owned by a young VIP mechanic, needs a set of snow tires on stock wheels.
Owned by a girl, customized by her boyfriend, I cant talk to her at all, shes a total bimbo from what it sounds like, but it has less miles, has bbs wheels (small ones, 16") and doesnt come with the stock ones/ Price seems pretty firm, might snag it for 2700

What does everyone think? Id like the first one, but with 170k? Ill need it for at least 3 years, maybe 60k max? driving from town to town for girls and laps in town?

What does everyone have for mileage on thier jettas? opinions on 2. slow and vr6? What do you get for gas mileage? problems with them?

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I have an early 99 (1998 model year "leftover" parts ;)) with 155k, 2.0/M5. Never owned a VR6--lack of fuel economy has scared me off although they may be less $ than a 2.0. I'd get a mid-90s Z28 6-speed before I spent the money on a VR6--mileage is similar.

2.0 has plenty of power and you'll be less likely to get a ticket in it! :) It'll cruise 80 no problem. I've owned several 2.0 A3s including Cabrios.

Plenty of life left in a 150k car--I had an A2 1.8/M5 with over 300k on the original engine/head and compression was fine. At 150k expect to spend money on tires, suspension and brakes, shifter linkage, window regs, interior parts, etc. but it will be money well spent and will add to your fahrvegnugen.

"Tuner" specials with a fartcan scare me and the stock 5-speeds can have problems with the rivets that hold the ringgear on letting go and lunching the inside. Rebuilts will use bolts instead.

BTW, I like the first one better with an extra set of wheels for the wintertime.
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98 K2 2.0L Automatic 212,000 runs great gets 26-33mpg and i beat on it. the only upgrade so far is a Pace Setter Catback system. for 212 it handles like a brand new car. we think the last owner was a traveling salsman cause its mostly highway miles. I love the car but wish it were a standard like my truck
I have a 96 2.0 jetta, with 193,000, 5 spd, runs strong, 35 mpg, all i have done to it since i got it was rear struts and a front ball joint, which both are fairly in-expensive to buy and install yourself if you know a little bit about cars. it only cost me $80 for the rear struts and ball joint, and took me about 3 hours to do both jobs, most time was spent bullshittin and beer drinking anyway haha
i live in central maine and i bout my 1999 wolfsburg with american racing wheels and a set of snow tires with 160,000 miles for $1700...try uncle henrys theres always a ton on there!
my jetta

i bought a 98 jetta gl 5 spd with 98k on the clock for 1500. it averages 27 and thats NOT beating on it. if you can lay your hands on a vr6 then go with that, cause its called a 2ptslow for a reason. my buddies got a vr6 with chip cai exhaust wires and plugs and its fast and still sooo comfortable. mine on the other hand i have to push hard to even attempt to come close and it handles like a boat(in comparison)
mine was also 1/2 the cost and 60k less miles. either is good but whats your goals.

i might also add i totalled the pos and then fixed it...its my dd and i couldnt love it more underpowered or not.

Have a "99" that's runnin' fine with only 188K. Had a 84 before this that I took to 336K was still strong when I sold it.
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