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Looking for MK4 jetta GLI interior part numbers/websites

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I have a 1999.5 jetta gl with some interior problems. Most of the plastic/fabic pillars are scrapped or sagging. So here is what i am looking to ask...... Has anyone seen where I can pick up most of the interior pieces for a mk4 jetta gli since it will work for what I want. Specifically everything from the window seals to the headliner. I have talked with aptuning and they don't have any of their sets on hand which pisses me off, but haven't been able to find any website that will call out all of the part numbers for each interior pieces. Any help will do, I need a direction to move on this.
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Junk yard?
Tried the junk yards near me and they don't have any cars worth it. Most are stripped so bad I can't find any useable parts. I did manage to find the guide tube for the e- brake on one.
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