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whats up guys!!

I like to know if any one have ever done this, I have seen in different forums the ability of making your amber lights in the mkiv jetta headlight assembly to be the DRL , instead I like to see if any one have made the fog lights in the MKIV jetta factory equipped to be de DRL.

show me your work and how it was done.

I will be doing more research on such topic and see if I can do a totally different mod to my GLI.

-Here is my GOAL-

*Install fog lights in the bottom compartments in the front bumper
*Make the fog lights in the head light assembly to be my DRL instead of the actual low beam of the headlight assembly.
*replace the fog light bulb in the head light assembly for a LED bulb
*Retrofit the head lights for a set of bixenon projectors from the retrofit source web site

this seems to be a great project if any one have done anything similar post it

thank you all for your cooperation and I will be posting pictures as soon as I get my items in the mail to do this MOD.
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