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Well kids, i finally got my mk4, here are some pics. You all know about my mk3 that i had, and what i went thru..hopefully this one will go a bit smoother lol. This car is going to be strictly visual, no loud exaust or anything, im putting all of my money into cosmetic mods.

2000 Jetta 2.0
100,xxx miles

-Smoked bumper and fender lights
-Blue HIDs

Mods in the mail:
-Rokkor coilovers
-Red LED direct fit interior lights
-Badgless mesh grill
-Purple HID's

Mods to come:
Wheels and adapters


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Land vehicle Vehicle Car White Volkswagen
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Volkswagen

This is going to be a fast build thread lol, this week ill be updating with pics when i get the grill,coils,lights,etc

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wtf, i thought it was "Everytime someone orders hids, cory gets sick"..

how are you feeling? lol

anyway, coils and grill should be on this week sometime w00t
im lovin' this mk4 scene, im actually nervous to work on it tho, im so used to my old mk3

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Thats true too! nice going :p

Just remember on an MKIV: its never as simple as it seems. It'll always end up being harder and take ALOT longer than you thought.
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