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What's up all?

My names Joe, and I am a minitrucker for the most part, but now my new daily is a 2003 Jetta 2.0, 5-0 speed with the GLS package.

I also have 3 other vehicles. One being my pride and joy, my 2000 Dakota Sport. That's a 5 speed 3.9l that is on Air. Rims, Hard Tonneau Cover, Shaved Rear end, 18" Rims, Tweed Interior, Cowl hood and plenty more.

Also have a 99 GSX-R 600, and a 95 Jimmy(this is the insurance anchor to keep my insurance low).

Here's the pictures of the Jetta from the Dealers site, just got it yesterday so no pics of my own yet. I plan on mild mods, like Headlights, Taillights, and this stuff.


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welcome........ nice truck, can't wait to see the jetta in some real pics.....
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