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I have a 1998 Jetta MK3 5spd GL 2.slow (That's my first problem)

Anyway, recently my turn signals and brake lights have been a bit wonky so say the least, I traced the problem to be due to an ageing grommet in the trunk of my car that was letting water seep in on the drivers side. Quickly I replaced the grommet and used silicone for a tight seal, this has burned out my brake light solenoid ??? (the actual electrical piece that connects into the cars wiring harness) so I replaced that as well and since the wires were frayed and water damaged I replaced the connector. After this was set i connected everything back up , It worked perfectly , or so I thought until later on that night. It was starting to get dark so i turned on my lights and after some time I noticed that my brake lights were constantly on when the lights were on. The following day I checked the ground for the lights in the trunk. i cleaned it off and checked it , well I found is that the tail lights must all be somehow wired together , because when I disconnected the ground none of the lights worked as they were supposed to. Furthermore when I depress the brake pedal whether the lights are on or off on my car the front drivers side turn indicator illuminates slightly.


Problem: Leaking trunk destroyed brake light solenoid & Harness on the rear drivers side of car.

Solution: Harness & solenoid were replaced. , Leak was fixed.

Outcome: Lights function as they should when headlights / daytime running lights are off , Except front drivers side turn signal illuminates when brake is depressed. When lights are on real brake lights stay illuminated.

Extras: I have a 3 position switch installed that did not come standard with my vehicle.

So now I am stumped , I haven't the slightest idea of what to do. and I am over due for an inspection. I do know this is a semi common problem as I have found other articles about it which i will post the links to below. I have tried searching however i haven't found any substantial leads to this issue.

Yahoo Answers


About Auto Repair


After reading it seems i may have to replace the brake light switch but it seemed to be working fine prior to this. So any and all help would be GREATLY :D appreciated. And if I forgot any information that you were looking for don't hesitate to ask.
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