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Here's a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guide on how to install/replace license plate tub for MK3 Jetta into Euro or North American type (NA) that I made for you. For more DIY information here

Here is my Euro License plate tub that I have purchased and I have also bought another German license plate that says "DAS AUTO" which a VW slogan "The Car" in english for the rear and it came with a license plate holder for $35 total from EBAY Germany. I bought this Euro rear plate tub because this completes my Euro conversion for the plates front and rear of my MK3 Jetta VR6.

Here's some pictures I took to provide a guide for anyone that is planning to install or replace the rear license plate tub into Euro/North American of mk3 Jetta.

First, prepare the following required tool at the pictures below to perform the proper removal/installation.

  • -8mm socket with ratchet
  • -Screw driver flat head
  • -Screw driver cross head


  • -Ratcheting crew driver with slotted and crossed head bits (optional)

Step 1
Secure the Euro license plate holder onto the Euro rear plate tub by screwing 2 screws into it, then secure the the Euro license plate into the Euro license plate holder.

Step 2
Locate and remove by unscrewing the 3 license plate tub cross screws that secures the tub to the trunk.

Step 3
Pop open the trunk remove the plastic clips to remove the trunk door mat covering. There's 8 pinch clips further in towards the trunk and there's 8 plastic cross screw and clips towards the end of the trunk. Then the trunk door mat should be free to remove.

Step 4
Disconnect the trunk tail light harness from the trunk tail lights. Then there's 3 8mm nuts per side securing the trunk door tail light to the trunk, unscrew the total of 6 nuts with the 8mm socket. The trunk tail lights and the license plate tub should now be free of removal.

Step 5
Place the trunk tail lights with the license plate tub facing down to a surface and put soft pads for the trunk tail lights to prevent scratches. There's 2 8mm nuts securing the tail light to the rear license plate tub per side, a total of 4 nuts should be removed to free the license plate tub and replace it with the Euro or North American replacement.

Step 6
Find the trunk key cylinder rubber bushing from the tail light and place it back to the trunk key cylinder.

Step 7
Follow step 5 in reversal for installation but DO NOT FULLY TIGHTEN the nuts securing trunk tail lights to the license plate tub because it will require for adjustment for proper fitting. Once the proper fitting is found, then tighten the 4 nuts. Also make sure that the trunk key cylinder is fully centered on the passenger (right side) tail light.

Step 8
Follow step 4 in reversal for securing the trunk tail lights to the trunk, then follow step 3 in reversal to secure the mat into the trunk door.

Step 9
The installation should be complete on replacing the license plate tub. Enjoy the new look.

Before Pic

After Pic

I have to have my US rear license plate displayed at the back as it is illegal to not display US plate more importantly at the rear at any 50 US states. I have trimmed my California rear license plate at aprox 1/8 inch all the way around to fit the Euro rear license plate tub. I have bought double sided velcro tape to mount my Cali US plate over the Euro plate holder so that I can take my US plate anytime I wish.

Over all opinion of the Euro rear license plate tub, I am very happy that I've made this conversion because I wanted to have the most Euro experience ever with my Mk3 Jetta VR6.
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