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Hey all,

Originally car had rough down shift 3 rd to 2nd and of late would not shift out of 1st unless I used triptonic.

Just had my Valve Body replaced- US re-manufacturer, VW cert mechanic, Febi Billstein Proper ATF.

I know car has an adaptive transmission, however now the car slams into 2nd on the up shift and the tires will chirp sometimes and the 3rd to 2nd gig is still the same.

I received this code 17114 -099 incorrect gear ratio P0730 003-sporadic mechanical.

My mechanic is stumped as he did all factory resets and added ATF Febi 958 300 540 00.

I sent him the Sonnax Manufacturer Technical notes, however this was not a sonnax VB.

The vendor will replace free of charge, however it will cost on the labor 3/4 hrs again.

ANY ADVICE WOULD BE AWESOME! Should I slam the car into a tree and collect the insurance $$ LOL!

Thnx, RS
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