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MKIII Gauge Cluster only Half Working?

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Ok guys, got a 96 Jetta GL.
And on my gauge cluster, the Tach and Speedo aren't working, but my fuel and oil temp gauges are (as is the odo and clock)
Loose wire?
Fried Fuse/Relay?

At idle, the needles on the Tach and Speedo just vibrate.
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On the back of the cluster where the harness connectors meet the cluster are very weak solder joints. It sounds like the solder joints on your tach and speedo are going bad. If your good with a very small soldering iron you can repair this for free. just take the harness apart and see what wiggles. Or there are shops online that repair our clusters when they go bad.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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