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I ordered new lock pins from, they sent the wrong ones and are sending the good ones but anyways I decided to make a D.I.Y. out of it !

Start by locating your lock pins, they should be on the left side of the window for the front and on the right side for the back.

Follow theses steps for every pin.

Now that you have found them, it`s time to unsrew! Follow this simple procedure.

Keep doing this until it finally comes loose.

Now pull it out ! It should look like this.

Now get your new shiny pins out ! Insert them the opposite way you took them out.

Once screwed back in it should look like this.

And finaly enjoy your hard work! Good job !

P.s. I personaly don't like theses, they are the wolfsberg edition model, I'll post a pic of the other set once I get them.
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