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MKV, GLI, SE, Im confused.

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I'm getting the impression that the MKV is the more current model Jetta, but whats the difference between a GLI and an SE.

I thought the GLI was the hatchback model.

Fill me in!:D
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The GLI is the sport version of the Jetta. It has the sport trim (ground effects, wing, etc...), some interior badging & tweaks, sport suspension and larger wheels with low profile tires. I'm pretty sure the engine is the same so the only factory performance enhancement would be in handling.
I dont believe mine is a GLI, but mine DOES have the bigger rims and low profile tires and the ground effects pkg....

do you know what interior things are different off hand?

im confused...:D
The seats were the main thing I noticed in the one I looked at. They were deeper buckets than what my SE has. The trim piece that looks like aluminum in mine also looked more like carbon fiber if I remember correctly.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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