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MKV, GLI, SE, Im confused.

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I'm getting the impression that the MKV is the more current model Jetta, but whats the difference between a GLI and an SE.

I thought the GLI was the hatchback model.

Fill me in!:D
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The GLI is exactly like the GTI except based on a Jetta except a golf. The biggest differences are the optional DSG; only GLIs get the DSG the SE is a standard auto. The 07+ GLIs get launch control too. The interior in the GLI is exactly like the GTI and the front end looks exactly like the GTI too; w/ the red lining around the black honey comb grill. The GLI's get sport rubber too. Suspension is stiffer; w/ less body roll in the corners and a harsher ride.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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