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Motor dies when door is opened

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:mad:Hi guys I have been troubleshooting this foe over a year. I will list the symptoms and the solutions I have tried. I am about to solve this with the crusher (not really, but that's the feeling). Anyway, I have a 2000 mark IV jetta, 2.0 GLS. Monsoon sound system, so that complicates finding new harnesses, I found.

The first symptom was hard starting. I would go into the store and come out and the car wouldn't start. After I waited a few minutes I could start the car just fine. My thoughts were leaky injectors, and since the car has 160,000 miles on it, that seemed logical. Next symptom was it died and wouldn't start again. In fact a quick code read said there was a short in the injector harness. I was advised that this code could be the fuel pump relay so I replaced it and it did not fix the problem. Still no start, and no fuel pump sound.

Replaced injectors, plugs, wires and inspected the injector harness and it ran like a top. Problem solved, right? Yeah, until I opened the drivers door. Open door, motor dies. Further investigation revealed that the fuel pump made no sound upon initial door opening. Now there was no symptom of self-re-locking, or missing light's on warning so I was at a loss.

Took the car in to use VAG COM to pull codes, specifically the Comfort Control Module. Showed that there was no signal from the door latch micro switch. So I replaced the Door Lock Module. This did not solve the problem, as the motor still dies when the door is opened. Then I Replaced the Comfort Control Module. Didn't solve the problem.

I then tested the continuity from the Door Lock Module to the Door Control Module on the Window motor. Surprise there is a secret computer in the door! LOL. Continuity was good so I decided to inspect the wire harness where the door closes. Wiring is good. Reseated all connectors in the Connector Station at the door pillar. Still symptomatic.

Next I went to the local wrecking yard and pulled a window motor so I could try another Door Control Module (since they are integral). Still symptomatic. Tried the new CCM again. Same.

What else could this possibly be?? I have replaced every physical component from the door latch to the CCM and in between the Fuel Pump (and also checked the connections there) and still the motor dies when the door is opened! All other functions of the door, alarm, locks, window, lights, mirror work fine. I even get the tone when the lights are on.

Maybe I need a new door!
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