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Mr. off or no?

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My Jetta is my baby. I bought a warranty with the car, and I have to take it somewhere to get my oil changed, I'm not allowed, by the terms of the warranty, to do it myself. So I take it to people, I am assuming know what they are doing.
So I have gone to Mr. Lube twice, and both times, they have told me the following;
1) My car NEEDS 5-40 Motul full synthetic, it is pretty much the only oil I should put in it.
2) Because I have a turbo, my engine runs hotter, and will burn through conventional oil very quickly, thus needing the Motul.
3) They recommend changing every 3 MONTHS or 5000km, whichever comes first. I waited 10 months at 4700km to change it. Because of the time over the 3 months, they recommended an engine flush, to get rid of the deposits left behind by the additives in the oil, which decays over time apparently. (Which I approved).

Is this stuff accurate, or a big load?
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i run amsoil 5w40 european formula in my 1.8 turbo and use a k&n oil filter and i havent had an issue so i agree with the needing of the 5w40, as far as the 3 month thing i change my oil every 3000 miles and thats maybe every six months and my motor is clean doesnt overheat and i droped my pan the last oil change and i dont have much deposit, id be affraid of any kind of a motor flush because you could open a big can of worms (like leaks) if the last owner (if used) didnt consider their jetta their baby like you do so a big
What does VW recommend for an oil change interval for your car? With Mobil synthetic you can go a long, long time before something happens to the oil. My '06 TDI recommended oil change interval with synthetic oil is 10,000 miles...and normally I'd change it more often but I've been busy with other projects and have been going with the 10,000 mile interval. At 60,000 miles it is working just fine.

Film strength, heat resistance, lubricity etc for Mobil 1 are all very good. Originally when this oil came on the market they were advertising that you could run it for 25,000 miles between changes. Bag the flush. Go with the factory recommended interval.

As to 5w40, Ive always used 10w30 full synthetic w/ K&N or FRAM oil filters. Not changing my oil til 10k gets me ancy so I change it about 9k-9500. a 10w30 will not hurt it but keep in mind if it isnt the synthetic and u switch over make sure u keep getting the synthetic and stick with it.
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