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My 2001 Jetta GLI 2.0 4cyl

Black 18" ASA rims with Polished Lip and Lo-Pro Kuhmo Ecsta's

Lowered 1.5" in Front and Rear

New AEM Cold Air Intake

It will soon be all blacked out taillights/headlights

Let me know what ya think and if you have any suggestions for upgrades!
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Go to Ebay and search for a short antena if u have the stock one, and also for a eyeliner. it will give a mean look to you car.. that only cost like $20.00 =]
also you can find smoke signal lights
nice whip..... will look real clean all blacked out!!!! AEM intakes PWN by the way.... other plans
Thnx 4 the positive feedback, Intake is backordered...dumb

I already ordered an anodized aluminum short antena(2.5 inches)

and I also ordered the smoked fender signals and also the bumper ones too!

I decided not to black out the headlights, but to go with all black/light smoke Angel Eyes

anyone have anything to say about A.E headlights?

PS...Also got a 1300 watt sony explod Sub in the back powered by a 1000 watt kicker amp
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here is the short antena:

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Looking good.......
thanks dude
i've got some mods that you might like

oh yeah? what you have? hit me up in PM or email me

[email protected]
here we go!

this is the wing i used (m3 bmw) painted the clb red and throw a neon in the grill


i love the lip on the trunk lid, i already got duplicolor 3000 degree paint in RED, but im not fond of the neon grill, plus im going badgeless for the front grille

ALSO, just blacked out the turn signal markers on the fender<br>
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how exactly did you remove the marker on the fender?

yeah the neon was the first thing i did its not for every one it looks good parked with just the running lights on. what grill are you going to use? i'm not sure if i seen the gli front bumper lip on yours but heres one i've haven't had time to do but will soon w/ pics . take the finder side markers off a 07 TL acura and fab them into the gli lip it will fit nice pluse its amber. i'll post how to step by step as soon as i do it or you can try.
lower it more. tint that thing. dont get angel eyes. looks ricery. get HID's instead. much cleaner. but other than that i think it looks good.
dude looks good it is the same as mine i am droping mine on my 17 to and i got new headlights, taillight, fog lights, and a intake. i will have pic of mine up end of next week and can u take a pic of ur intake a send to me
ooooo looks good. wheels are sick, i love the deepdish. nice mods so far its lookin clean, you should get a boser hooood!
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